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One reason it is nice to have grown up some...

I can now, finally, bitch about things like the post office, the price of stamps, and other fucking drivers without feeling like a twit.

In fact, I can now swear as much as I like at other drivers in the privacy of my car. Hand gestures included.

It makes me feel better.

And stamps... what the fucking bloody hell?! 37 cents? 37 cents?! Oh, fuck me... that is expensive. Damn... remember when stamps were, like, 24 cents? That was ok. It just seems like every time you turn around it goes up another cent. Old stamps? Obsolete. Gotta buy new stamps, baby. Get with the times. It's 37 cents now, you daft old coot.

I could probably use a hobby. First person to say "stamp collecting" gets a smack on the bottom.

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