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20 August 2002 @ 06:53 pm
Have not slept in 24 hours...  
Body demanding sleep.

Body wrote this little snippet without informing my brain.

"It all happened in slow motion. It went by so fast that it was all a blur, except it happened in slow motion. I saw it all in less than a second, except that it took years for you to fall. Time had thrown off her shackles for that one moment of slow motion, freefalling before impact, suspended, weightless over the world, one fragile body in a sea of many.
I reached out to catch you, but you weren’t there. You were inches away, moving slow as you please through the air."

This is my backlash to some of the awful Evoslashy fic that has been circling like vulture buzzards. And non-slash Evofic too. Evofic, in general, is very, very sick at the moment. I suppose this'll be Lance/Pietro, if I could just figure out where it was going.
Current Mood: My brain hurts.