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Eddie Izzardness...

Which Izzard Are You?

Surreal Izzard: You talk bollocks all the time, and don't care who knows it. You are King Pig from Hell, and talk to strange people on buses. Your underwear is consipring against you, and if James Mason was here, he'd have something to say about it. And that something would be WEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOO.

"You say ‘erbs and we say herbs, because there’s a fucking H in it."
"No flag, no country...you can’t have one."
"I can’t get the fuckin' trees...DAMN! I will kill everyone in the world. "
"My name is Pierre. I’ve come from Paris. I’ve come to have sex with your family."
"Noah realized he was actually punching a baboon."
"What have you got against baboons in mime?"
"It's my motto, ‘No baboons in mime.'"
"No, no I want an ark. An Ark with a big room for poo."
"That's how a fish walks if he's English."
"I wanna be a taxidermist! I wanna fill animals with sand."
"I wanna fill a rat with the entire Gobi desert."
"You're from Mars and your ears are made out of jam and your brother lives in Kent whose buttocks explode into the size of a balloon."
"I like my coffee like I like my women...in a plastic cup."

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