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I am emotionally stunted...

Or something. And I have a big old wall in front of all my creative processes, damn them.
Hmm... perhaps I do come off as cold and stand-offish when meeting new people. It's not because I am cold or stand-offish. I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love! I'm shy. I never have any idea what to talk about. So people are always so surprised when I talk... nice. 'Cause I can talk all mean and nasty too, and I ain't gonna deny it. I don't think I'm really known for my nastiness. My temper isn't legendary, but when I get pissed, I get pissed. Which is why I'm a hippo. Hey! You! Get outta my grasslands! Your swamp? You think this is your swamp? You got another thing coming, buddy-o. And stay the fuck away from my children. Goddamn poachers.
Or something.

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