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Mmm... kinda, sorta...

Well, I'm scared. The beginning of the school year is not a good time for me. My brain does not like being tugged happily out of the routine and then shoved back in three months later (maybe more like one and a half because of summer school). I don't deal with it well. I get scared. I get scared easily. I'm scared about the friends issue, I'm scared about the AP classes. I'm scared about the whole concept of "Senior Year". I mean, I've been waiting for Senior Year since... a very long time ago. And now that I'm going to start it, all I can think about is Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years. And middle school and elementary school. And all that time I may have spent waiting instead of doing.

I don't see a new adventure. I just see what's getting left behind.

Random Helena quote:

"I'm in high school physics! Why am I having such a good time?"


You're a feline! You're self-confident, but it's not like you didn't know that already, right? You're comfortable being in charge if you have to be, but you prefer to sit back and let someone else handle things. However, there is that nasty controlling streak that gets the better of you at times... Others might think of you as aloof and distant, but when you find something or someone you like, you'll be purring like the happy kitten you are at heart. You ole softie.

Leaderly: Lion
Lazy: Tiger
Shy: Cougar, Puma
Active: Panther
Social: Domestic Cat

More of a worm, really... ^_~ Even if I don't always want to be, the description sticks.

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