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I am seriously considering buying myself a Playstation 2 just so I can play Kingdom Hearts. Fucking commercials are influencing me majorly. And, on the plus side, if I bought a Playstation, I could actually play FF8! XD Says the dork who was obsessed with it without having any direct knowledge of it. Says the dork who wrote an entire Trigun fanfic before ever seeing the show (and people still tell me how 'in character' it is, which cracks me up).

It's making a very compelling argument.

Playstation: Buy me. Buuuuuuuuuuuy me.

Me: Ok.

I'm a highly susceptible creature.

Play practice is boring, but goes by quickly (today was Act 2, so I got to wait a whole 45 minutes just to say my one line! Yippee!) and then I take people home after practice, which makes me feel all special and in control. My car inflates my ego, and I love it. Then I went to Spellbinders to see if they had Ultimates #8 with the twincest-y Pietro and Wanda-ness... they didn't. They I went to Rodney's... he didn't seem to have it either (kinda hard to tell in that store). *glowers* I found a really, really bizarre Evo comic though that I'm totally, totally scanning. >___> It weirds me out to the extreme! And Lance is in it! And... I'm weirded out!

I bet JC's would have it. Must ask dad for directions... Stupid Cuyahoga Falls has the only really good comics store in the area. Damn them. I wish I had someone equally obsessed to come with me. Dammit, it's a medium-long drive! Where are the nutty comics fans at my school? Where do they hide?

Where are the slash fans, that's what I really want to know.

I hate poetry.

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