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26 September 2002 @ 08:35 pm
Random Everclear lyrics...  
They come periodically, and you know it.

hey kathy please give me a break
i told you not to come here when you're drunk again
i'm sober now just 30 days
all alone and working hard to stay that way
- Drunk Again

i'm not alive, 1975
i'd spend my time wasted, dull, damaged, and blind
i'm not alive, 1975
- 1975

she is livin' far away from a lonely man in the san francisco bay,
he is dreamin' hard of a girl all claid in bad plaid and mad at the whole world
- Hateful

never said i was innocent
i will burn in hell for the things i've done to you
never said i was anything good
i should die from the shame from what i put you through
- The Swing

I hate waking up
it means that I have to die again tonight
- Loser Makes Good

they found her out in the fields
about a mile from home
her face was warm from the sun
but her body was cold
I heard the policeman say
just another overdose
- Heroin Girl

i don't want to think about last year at your dad's
you said it was the best sex that we both ever had
i don't want to think about my face in your soft hair
i will be hating you for christmas...
- Hating You For Christmas
Current Mood: Everclear-riffic
Current Music: "Nanananananana... everything is wonderful now"
D. Reesebabytalk on September 26th, 2002 10:47 pm (UTC)