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*claws out the eyes of ignorant people*

There is a reason why I thank my lucky stars that I no longer have to learn about the Holocaust.

Frankly, it causes friction between me and the general Jewish population at my school. This isn't because I'm anti-Semitic. Yeah, as if I honestly gave a damn about what your holy book is, which God you pray to, or which holiday you celebrate. Being an atheist doesn't give you a false sense of superiority like some religions... it just isolates you.

No... it's because I refuse to coddle. I refuse to sit there and treat Jews as someone I should apologize to, or make special allowances for, or treat as if they were in some way more deserving of attention. Your people were oppressed? Honey... everyone's people have been oppressed. Have you heard about what's been going on in the Croatia/Bosnia area in recent years? Or did you forget about how the world felt about Irish Catholics? Did you know that in the Romanian area, people with red hair used to be considered to be vampires? Have you noticed that the much of the teenage gay/lesbian/bisexual population refuses to come out of the closet because they're afraid they'll be disowned? Shunned? Killed?

Yes. Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. I do not deny that. I don't want to try and hide it. But it's a common misconception that six million was the total number of people killed in the Holocaust, that Jews were the only target.

The true number of people murdered is closer to eleven million. Five million people who were not Jewish were killed. Hitler wiped out nearly the entire population of Eastern European gypsies. Three million Polish Christians and Catholics. Homosexuals were forced to wear pink triangles and placed in concentration camps. Other targets? Jehovah's Witnesses, African-Americans, the elderly, the disabled.

Not a word. Not a word from the teachers... no discussion about the reality that Jews, while certainly Hitler's main target, were in no way his only target.

And if I try to bring it up? Everyone becomes angry with me. As if I'm trying to diminish what happened to the Jewish people. I'm not. I'm trying to make people realize the huge number of people who died who were not Jewish and who also deserve to be remembered. I want people who are ignorant to open their eyes and realize that this systematic killing extended beyond Hitler's hatred for Jews.

Go here if you're still interested. This site is wonderful.

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