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Life is odd...

Hmm. I'm not entirely sure what significance that has, but it sounds very deep.

But I'm about as deep as a wading pool, even with my scuba gear. So. Guh.

Open Mic Night is Wednesday. You know the drill. If you're in the NE Ohio area, get your asses down to TRHS and watch me and Jamie emcee and... possibly do something. If I can think of something to do. *shrugs* Song? Poetry? Something.

Pippin song maybe? "Morning Glow"? It's pretty and it makes me happy.

I'll think of something, I swear.

Uh... some major crises happening down at the ol' Evoslash RPG. >__> Poor Lance and Scott. Buuuuuut... on the other hand... at least that journal is being used! Hehe... he. *notices people glaring at her* Yes, well. Ahem.

Found artwork, but have yet to find socks. Damned elusive socks. But Amrita gave me the coolest little die-cast knight in shining armor and itty-bitty rubber snake. Well... gave is a relative term. I coveted, she let me have. I love miniatures. *is pleased*

Freshman proficiency testing rules hardcore. I love not going into school until 9:15 and then having 30 minute periods.

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