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Guh... *blabbers inconsistently*

Hi... *bows to computer* Hi... *bows to Amy* Hi... *bows to radio* Hi, hi, hi...

My brain has been fried. My head hurts. My arm itches and the deeper scratches are still red. Urg... >.<

Did you know you don't live very long in Congo? Average life expectancy is 44 years old. Thanks Amy.

Anyway...talked lots to Zero last night. She's a little ticked at me (so I gather) for not still being a Heero and Trowa fanatic. -__-;; I swear I don't control that sort of thing...

You don't live very long in Guinea, either.

Anyway. I drew Grendel today. Or at least, I'm in the process of drawing Grendel. He'd the best part of Beowulf, I swear. I'd never read this Anglo-Saxon poetry if it weren't for the monsters. And the fact that I'm being tested on it. 'Course, I think Grendel looks like a dinosaur. I even drew him with a tail. #^__^# I doubt that's what the author actually intended...but...

Like I said before: guh...

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