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This is me...

This is me not at school.

This is me skipping Latin (with permission!) to grab my (unwashed) vest to turn back into craptasticular Drama Guild.

I should have just kept it. I kept the red one.

Did impromptu speech today in public speaking. Was craaaaaap, even if I did do it for competition way back in the day. On the other hand, I sang "Circle of Life" is front of the class.

She critiqued me haaaaaaaaaaard. Fuck. And then KB did a thing about midgets? And... mmph. No critique for her.

If you see a handwritten sign on a classroom door that says "Teacher is sick; go to lunch" would you stop to question it? Dammit... watching over Susel's room is fucking carpe christ on a cracker.

We have a sign up in our yard.

It says the house is for sale.


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