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Someone must die!!! The computer at school fucked up my disk...and destroyed the copy of my SquallxLaguna story! The /only/ full copy. I salvaged most of it...but it ate two or three sentences forever and ever. *is sad* Fuck, fuck, mother mother FUCK! There goes me writing at school ever again.

None of the other stories were touched. Just that one. It makes me so MAD! Ahhhh! And I want my own damn webspace. I don't want to have to reupload my whole damned page... but moving would mean /moving/ everything too. Ugh...

On the plus side, I went to Open Mic Night tonight for Art club. I had fun... I sang 'The Mermaid of Ontario' and 'Doris and Edwin: The Movie' ... just goofy little songs. Y'know... funny shit. It didn't go too poorly. There were these three guys, though, who did a little scene like they were in a restaurant. One started tapping a rhythm on a plate and gradually the others joined in...it sounded so cool! They pounded the plates and cups so hard they chipped all of them and outright broke one! Heh...it was great. Go class clown Jeff Miller! He's fun to watch, but he always makes me feel kinda inferior... he can be really mean at someone's expense while trying to be funny and that both irritates and intimidates me.

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