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I did something to my leg. Something bad. Like, the back of my knee is swollen. The back. It's like there's a lemon sitting back there. Walking is owchies. Stayed home, but am supposed to be cleaning. Uhhhh...

>_> So far, this is not going so well.

I am in one-acts. I am in Anya's one-act. I am Kate. I am 70 years old. But cool. I was an actress who went skydiving and had affairs with men and other fun stuff.

We will see how it goes, eh? Keely and Schmoph are also in the play. Schmoph plays a suicidal girl who is totally, totally fucked up for numerous reasons. And stuff. Anya said she didn't give me that part because "Yeah, I figured you'd already done that."

Yeeeeah. And Keely's a flaky little hippie. It's kinda funny.

Much femaleness, though. Much... uh... feminineistic crap. So, I dunno. Not really my strong point.

OWW! Doctor tomorrow.

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