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They gave me an anti-inflammatory for my knee. So we'll see how that goes.

Except that I think it may be this. And I don't entirely know what to do about that. Damn doctor is not a big help. Phwaa.

Am tired and headachey, but still have to go up to Cleveland to talk to SCAD people. People keep telling me that I'll hate SCAD, but... shut up people! Grr. Especially AB, who is always a menace, in my opinion.

Have a Remus/James angst/gore fic bouncing around in my brain... as well as a rather interesting Amelia from Treasure Planet fic that is based mostly on this song. This song that's playing right now. Right now. Go look it up.

I dunno whether I'd categorize it as 'gore' or sexual grossness, however. Odd fic. Odd.

In love with Amelia. Damn sexy catgirls in a Disney movie!

"Sitting in the boardroom. The 'I'm-so-bored room'."

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