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Just thought I'd put up some of my drawings from the last few days. >_> Yes, yes... from the dreaded 'place o' DOOM'. Well. Let me just say that their pencils suck.

Amelia... fully clothed, this time.

Frodo and Aragorn... big-eyed and lopsided.

Remus... best trial of this style that I've ever had.

Who's Your Daddy?

brought to you by Quizilla

You're in touch wth your inner animal, aren't you? Well, you'd better be. Your Daddy is the lovely lupine, Remus Lupin. He's well educated, mild, gentle, and he loves chocolate. Just watch out though, his time of the month is even worse than yours!

(April 20 - May 20)
The Bull. Fixed, earth, yin - planetary ruler: Venus Keywords: "I HAVE"

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated with the neck and throat. Positive characteristics include stamina, patience, practicality, frugality, creativity, a love of beauty and nature, faithfulness, loyalty, determination, sensuality, and affection. Negative characteristics are stubbornness (there's a reason why stubborn people are called bullheaded), materialism, resistance to change, laziness, a terrible temper once aroused, prejudice, and sometimes an unimaginative nature.


These wizards will be less hot headed and apt to charge at windmills than other Gryffindors, for Taurus is an earth sign, and the element of Earth adds a pragmatic streak to even the flightiest of wizards. As with all Taureans, though, if a Gryffindor Taurus is pushed hard enough, she will exhibit a volcanic temper. Gryffindors born under this sign will be exceptionally loyal to their friends, and will have high standards of personal integrity.

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