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Hmmm... such a tough decision...

Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie? Or in thiiiiiiiiiiiisssss movie? *weighs choices* I'll take him in this movie, thanks.


:D :D Englebert Humperdinck! Died in a car crash in LA! *shakes head yes*

*shakes head no*

*shakes head yes... really and truly*

*shakes head no... no, I was only kidding*

I love Mr. Izzard. "Aaaaand... this is all true."

*shakes head yes*

*shakes head no*

Anyway... Why is it that when I post Discworld art ideas everybody's (well, not everybody) is jumping up and down going "Where? Where? Must see!" but when I post the actual pictures (albeit unfinished pictures) there is dead silence? Hmm? *pokes* Am confused.

And if you're getting confused, the post is here.

Hmm... is it good or bad that I use google.com as a spellcheck?

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