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Damn... fucking... Tolkien!

And his damn... fucking... addicting... world! Christ.

I started actually reading Fellowship..., which is rather amazing in my eyes. I mean, I read The Hobbit when I was 8 or 9 or something. Yeah. And fell in love. I was all like "Yeah! Woo! Go Hobbits!" and that sort of thing. So then I tried to move on to the actual trilogy. Got about 90 pages in and was so bored that I just gave up. And never gave it another thought until last year when the movie came out.

Tried to read it again and I couldn't even get through The Hobbit! Was surprised to find that my preteen favorite was, save for the chapter "Riddles in the Dark", terminally wordy, overwritten, and boring. I gave up all hope until today when I picked up Fellowship... and found myself, while not engrossed by any means, more than slightly interested.

Yay. Damn you... damn you aaaaaall. *has also been captivated by LotR slash* Very bad. Quit that. *slaps brain*

Oh wait... I wrote it, a very long time ago. >_> Well, a year. Bah. Thankfully my tastes have changed slightly... from Aragorn/Legolas to Aragorn/Frodo.

I can hear my mother laughing from her little perch in Pitt. Pshaw. You're the one who got me into this in the first place. Sort of.

So... the big problem with Aragorn/Frodo is that most of the fics that have been written are... similar. Frodo gets hurt often, Aragorn comforts. Sex, sometimes. Frodo... is... made... too... girly! Argh. The pinnacle of manliness, he ain't, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a penis. [/mini-rant]

Anyway... here are the best ones that I've found and I like and this is mostly for my own benefit, so that I don't lose them. *nods*

A Storm of Moths by Dooms Eyebrow-- I think this was one of the first LotR fics I read and... I dunno. It resonates with me for some reason. Aragorn/Frodo.

Ringspell by Bill the Pony-- So... sad and angsty and Aragorn/Frodo. Yay! But what is it with these good authors and their silly names? If you can write this well, we're definitely going to find you a good, dignified name. >_> *eyes her own name* Well. Shut up.

A Claiming Fire by joy-- Frodo/Sam, which I also like. So. Yes, yes. Shush. Anyway... I think this was another one of the first fics I read and... mmmmmmm. I really love angsty, tortured Frodo.

But not girly Frodo. >_> *feels like a damned fool*

So... guilty pleasure? Real people slash. *bangs head on table* No! It's ickity! It's weird! It's... it's...

So damn easy for this group of people! *sobs* Damn this pretty site. Damn it all to HELL.

Ingenue by Betty Plotnick-- The best written Elijah/Viggo fic out there, as far as I'm concerned. Until keelywolfe writes one. Which she probably never will. But still.

And it's given me a taste for the song "Father Figure" by George Michael. Hee.

All this comes and bites me in the arse right after I get my lj completely and utterly Gryffindor-ized. Bloody hell. *bounces up and down waiting for PoA* Come oooooon, gimme my Remus/Harry fix!

I'm a sick li'l bunny. And... um... this post is rather long. Ciao.

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