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"The Latin word for 'close your eyes and open your mouth' is 'prospectus'."

Um. Yeah. Get to go see "Catch Me if You Can" soon. Ooh. Chalk me up to four times leaving the house in... a week and a half or something. I'm not sure whether that makes my track record better or worse.

In other news, am being attacked by rather smarmy, but attractive, Viggo/Elijah plotbunnies. Which is bloody awful, because real people slash is wrong. Wrong. Very wrong. >___> Daaaaaamnation.

The dark side is calling me. It says, "Look at how preeeeeeetty..." Bad! Bad dark side! Must reisist.

*affects loopy Brit accent* "Luke, the Force is really rather strong with you."

Damn. And it's not any stronger than a small pony. And now I really need to aquire "Glorious" because I fear I'm running out of good Izzard references.

... no, I think that's impossible.

This is my new favorite icon. I feel so very guilty.

I stuck it in my profile. If you know me in real life, you can tell me how accurate you think this is.

Yes... genderbending.

She really, really looks like the chickie from Die Hard 3. *laughs* Not a bad thing, because she's hot as well.

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