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High school resume-ish crap...

Am sitting here thinking "What the fuck have I been doing for the past almost four years?"

And why didn't I do more?

Future Problem Solving

• 2000- First place in middle division scenario writing at the state level.
• 2000- Third place in middle division on-site team scenario writing at the international level.
• 2000- First place in middle division team presentation of action plan at the international level.
• 2001- Fourth place in senior division scenario writing at the state level.
• 2001- Second place in senior division individual problem solving at the state level.

Community Problem Solving
• 1997- Member of first place team in the junior division at the state level.
• 1998 & 1999 - Member of first place team in the middle division at the state level.

Speech and Debate
• Captain of speech team during 2000-2001 year.
• Participant during 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 years in Humorous Interpretation.
• Member of the National Forensics League.

Northeast Ohio Scholastic Press Association
• 2001- Two ‘Excellent’ award ratings for editorial cartoons.
• 2001- Honorable Mention rating for hand-drawn art.

Performing Arts
• Four years in TRHS Drama Guild.
- Director of Overtones (2001)
- Helen Arbuzzi in Up the Down Staircase (2002)
- Kate in Voices (2003)
- Member of the International Thespian Society.
- Member of Auditorium Tech Crew 2000-2003
- Lighting and Sound crew for … and stuff … (2001) and Do Black Patent …? (2001)
• Tree City Players community theatre
- Mrs. Fezziwig in A Dickens’s Christmas Carol (1999)
- Snetsky in Fools (2001)
- Mrs. Trotsky in Variations on the Death of Trotsky (2001)
• Choir
- Choir member from 1999-2003. In auditioned choirs 2001-2003.
- Choir treasurer 2000-2003, head treasurer 2002-2003

Visual Arts
• Art Club member 2001-2003
• Art Club president 2002-2003
• 2002- First place in charcoal drawings, third in ceramics, and an honorable mention for graphite drawings in school art show.

• Member of the National Honors Society.
• Named a National Merit Commended Student for 2002-2003.
• Member of Latin Club from 2000-2003, treasurer for 2002-2003.

Yes, I have been downloading music from the survey. *grins and points*

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