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26 September 2001 @ 09:14 pm
I just woke up...  
Urrgh... What the...? When did it get dark...?

Oh... it's 9:15. Well, that'd make it dark.

Can you tell I'm nowhere near coherent? I just took a three or so hour nap. Had weird dreams about Anya and spaceships... raves and gay punk rockers...

Speaking of gay, punk rockers... it's perfectly acceptable for punk musicians to be gay right? We got onto this topic in Poetry Writing and Dave said something like "Well... I guess they /can/ be gay but it totally goes against everything punk stands for."

Me: What?

Dave: Lesbians are cool, though. But not gay guys.

Me: What? Don't you listen to rap?

Dave: Yeah...

Me: I listen to punk, rock, and alternative and I've never ever heard of gay guys being not allowed to be punk musicians.

Dave: Well, it's like having 'Christian Punk'. You can't have that, right? It's just impossible.

Me: Yeah. well 'Christian Rock' is a total oxymoron because rock is stereotypically "The Devil's Music". But we have it... *pause* And being Christian is an entirely different set of beliefs from being gay, for chrissake! Being gay isn't a damn religion! You don't (or shouldn't) answer to a specified list of requirements or regulations!

Dave: Thhhppppp...whatever. You just don't know what you're talking about.

Me: Neither do you.

I hate that boy >.< We were on pretty decent terms for the past few weeks and then he goes and says this... poor Dale... trying to mediate. "Some punk can be gay... hello? Is anyone listening to me?"

And that's probably my best class of the day. Aside from Latin, where I get to sit next to and talk to Logan... wow, is she cute. ^__^ I get all excited sitting next to her... helping her with the Latin. ^^;

Vash: *points* Crush! Crush on a /girl/! Crush on a majorly /straight/, popular, girl! Who has a boyfriend!

Oh...shut up.
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Current Music: 'I Feel Loved'- Depeche Mode