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I'm trying to figure out why I smell like onions...

Um... I haven't had any onions in awhile. *sniffs* And I smell like raw onion.

Urg, now I taste raw onion. This is weird.

I went clothes shopping today and did not die. Of course, it was clothes shopping of the quick variety. Walk in, grab, pay, walk out. No trying things on! No time for that!

So... I bought PANTS at Old Navy. Whee. New black pj pants, because I broke the drawstring in my first pair and now they fall down a lot so they are classified as 'in house only' wear. And, thankfully, managed to search out the only pair in the store that was not corded. Or ripple-y. Those were weird. *pets smooth pants* Oh, and bought jeans. Jeans are expensive. Aaaaand bought grey trouser-type pants. :D Those were only $6.99, so yay clearances.

Then bought SHIRTS at Hot Topic, which was hilarious because I was wandering around in there with my Old Navy bag. Hehe. Anyway, mainly wanted the Darth Vader t-shirt that says "Who's your daddy?" to go along with my "Let the wookie win" shirt. Got it. Thank you to the good-Amy, who told me about that shirt. Then I saw a shirt that says something like "I talk to squirrels. CHIKOO. CHIKOO. CHIKOO." And I couldn't pass up a great shirt like that.

>_> "Monster! Very small monster!"

That reminds me... I got third place in the genderbending contest at oekakicentral.com (why? I'll never know) and I do believe I shall request a squirrel with a gun. Just for my own personal amusement. In fact, I may even draw it myself as well.

Anyway... um. Dammit, but I still want a hoodie. But they're expensive. And they put them waaaaaay up high so you have to ask the salesclerks to help you get them. *fears salesclerks* And every time I go into Hot Topic, I feel so monumentally uncool.

They have some neat Weezer shirts, though. Man, I would wear practically that entire store if given the chance. Even if I am uncool.

And we're STILL MOVING, DAMMIT. I keep hoping this will change. It won't, but I'll keep hoping for it. Have even begun packing whilst hoping. New house is actually in Brimfield. Which means my drive to school in the mornings will be... oh... 25 minutes or more, I expect. And I don't think I'll be giving rides to Teeny D any longer, as that is far too far out of my way. Sigh. I like where I am now, you fuckers.

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