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Just went and drove the car around the neighborhood. Twice. I guess I'll make it to school tomorrow.

My father is using empty boxes to block the entrance to my room. Uh... what? Yes, yes, pack, pack, I know. I do do the things you ask me to do, just sometimes not right away. Harumph. So let me get up to my room.

This is pissing me off far more than it should. I assume that it's just lingering stress from the fact that I have not memorized my lines, have not done enough work on my portfolio, have completely forgotten math, and am still trying to decide whether to tell people about 'evil place' or no. Most of me says no. Some of me says, why not? I think I'll listen to the 'no's. It's not a big deal though. Hell, I already write about it in here. >___>

"Dead Poets Society has ruined a generation of educators." *hugs the Simpsons* Finally I get to hear that from somebody else's mouth. Granted, it's a cartoon... but it feels good.

My god, I can't believe I'm browsing fanfic instead of doing homework. Christ. I suck.

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