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Further benefits of medication...

Have discovered that I now require very little sleep. Mmm. Didn't get much last night and today was far more energetic than I have been in ages. With occasional periods of listlessness. But mostly energetic. Slight headache now, but not bad.

Miss Myers/Mrs Cowan said she liked my squirrel shirt. Oh, no, no, no. Evil woman. Fear. And then she was all like "Snow! Yeah! Woo!" (direct quote) while Anya and I were like "Will this dratted percipitation never end? MOTHERFUCKER!" *feels valley-girlish with a hint of white trash mixed in*

Anya's comment on Mywan's obsessive love for snow: "All the more reason for me to hate her."

We went out after play practice and got Chipotle's. Now Anya is actually the only person to have the most detailed account of the 'evil place'. Oddly enough. I'm suddenly feeling more like "Oh, okay... let's be friends then." Lala. Kinda nice. And then we talked about older men and sexy women and drama and various movies and actors and... oh, fun. And Ben was there and he KNOWS ALL ABOUT THE BEANS! Ask him about it! Also, the hot is hot. How hot is it? Hot.

People who have been told: Susel, Danks, Anya, Keely, Lauren and Aaliyah (not sure whether they heard me or not so ???). Also I alluded to it in math class when we were talking about ways to commit suicide.


Kinda wanted to tell Jason that his timing for that conversation was really, really off. But oh well. Will survive.

Long convo with Sus about family and depression and etc. I've realized that I really like Latin, but simply don't have the drive sometimes to do as much with it as I'd like. It has, however, taught me the difference between 'who' and 'whom' and for that I am very grateful. And now I know some subjunctive verbs and am feeling knowledgeable in the extreme.

Elijah Rock...? Get it? *still a dork* Damned biblical names.

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