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It's dinner time and I'm too lazy to want to go out and eat. But I'm kind of hungry, so I guess it'll happen. Reluctance may have something to do with having to have discussion about psychiatrist at dinner, however. No! I want to bury it in a hole and pretend it doesn't exist. *shoves fingers in ears* Lalalalalalalalala...

And oh my god, I'm making so many typos. It's weird. I spell things wrong and think they're right but they aren't. >_< Like trying to spell 'love' as 'lice'. Uh... what? *hyperhyperhyper*

Here's a serious question for you all: do you ever hear voices, but are not diagnosed with schizophrenia or any mental disorder that would cause something like that? Because lately I've started hearing weird things... music that isn't there, voices, etc. I don't tend to hear things when I'm being active or talking to friends, but if I lay down and actively try to relax I start to hear people talking. They never say more than a sentence or two, they're nobody I recognize, I don't see any faces, they don't tell me to do things or talk to each other. Mostly they say innocuous things like "Where did I put my keys?" or "Well, this is how I see it..." None of them sounds familiar, nothing feels like a memory. They aren't characters. It's just random people. Talking. In my head.

I wish they'd shut up.

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