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Kreegah Bundolo!

Kreeeeeegaaaaaaaah! *hops on top of random person* Kreegah, kreegag, kreeeee-eeeeegah!

*Runs in circles* Whoopwhoopwhoopwhoop, whoopwhoopwhoopwhoop!

That wasn't for anything in particular. I was just in that kinda mood. Like, "I need to do something, anything, very, very badly!" Ahh...I hate school. I could be doing something useful. But no. I'm here. It's just stupid. And I don't even understand anything. Why do I need to learn anything more than the basics of Physics? Must we go in depth with anything? Must I be able to calculate the velocity of a bottle rocket .25 seconds after it was launched?

I'm going to be an artist (I hope). I don't care about this shit. And I'm just not learning it! He's teaching it and I don't understand! I don't understand /why/ I add thirty five here or -4.9 there. It just doesn't make sense! All I here is "Do this." I ask why and they say "Because the teacher said so."

I so don't understand.

Urgh... so I think I had something to actually say... but I've forgotten it. Blaaargh.

Oh. Here's some news. My website was deleted. My email's not working. The computer tried to eat my story. And now I can't figure out how to get a playlist going on Winamp! Why is this? I may sound like a total dork, but I don't care; all technology is against me.

So...going back to Winamp... um... I've got the skins all figured out and that's going quite swimmingly. It's just that only one song will play at a time. How do I change that? How do you add songs to a playlist?

I don't care if I sound like an idiot. I only downloaded the damn thing last night.

There are /a lot/ of Eva skins out there.

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