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09 January 2003 @ 11:35 am
I am the Emperor Fabulous!  
Even if the computer just deleted the entry I wrote! Here's the basics:

Who needs to know how to do Calculus?
Who needs to know how to spell Calculus?
I'm leaving eighth period to buy a mango.
I will be trading the mango for a cane.
That is not drug slang... it is, in fact, meant to be taken completely literally.
Which is either bizarre or sad, I haven't decided which.

I did interesting slashiness picture last night. Go here. Because I don't feel like... I dunno. Making an lj-cut. Nyah.
Current Mood: mango-tastic!
inhaleetreinte on January 9th, 2003 10:18 pm (UTC)
You know, I'd never seen Lij as being a .. predator, as you put it. But it's pretty! Very much so. I love their eyes - Elijah's especially; they look so intense. The pinkish tint on Daniel's lips is fitting and it makes him look absolutely adorable too. How did this pairing come into being, anyway? I'm baffled by its existence.. unless it was only created because of the fact that they're the main chars. in the two most discussed movies/books right now. Hm. Dotdotdot question mark. And it's not ugly either - you did an excellent job!
DrWorm: squallxlagunadrworm on January 10th, 2003 07:19 am (UTC)
I don't see him as much of a predator either, but I called it "Prey, enter" and just needed something to fill empty space. Dur. Anyway.

And, ironically, I deliberated about the pink on Dan's lips for a while. I tried it on Lij first and it just wasn't working... but then put it on Dan and it worked. Whaddya know.

And I'll be damned if I know where the pair came from. I think this is definitely one of those instances where a slash lover just said "Pretty boys! Let's put them together!" and then other people got interested. I dunno. I like seeing how creative people can be when trying to get them together. It's challenging.