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*wheedles* Help Stephanie?

Before she goes crazy?

Okay... I know most everyone has seen the picture I'm about to describe because they used it for promotion over and over and over.

From Fellowship... (the movie... >_>), Frodo on his back in the Prancing Pony (... that sounds dirty) with his hand stretched up and the ring just about to fall onto his finger.

I covet it. And yet I can't seem to find it anywhere. Which is shit, because I distinctly remember having a fairly large, good quality .jpg of it before we had to clear the hard drive. And now I can't seem to find it on any sites... and if I do find it, the quality stinks.


So if you know where I could find this file, I would appreciate knowing. More than anything, right now. I seriously have spent an hour looking for this image while I should be writing my speech. *is bad*

Also... anyone else remember those very large, black and white individual character shots? Um... I'd like to get a few of those back too.

*latches onto the legs of passerbys* Heeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee. *selfishselfishselfish*

EDIT: Okay... I found a few better quality images. But they aren't very big. >__> Cry, cry... whine, whine. Well, whatever.

Oh, also... here's something wonderfully fangirlish. I went to Lordoftherings.net and reloaded the page until I had heard both Elijah and Viggo speak. Viggo took a long time, but he was worth it, I think. *giggles* He mumbles!

Oh, eee! Billy Boyd! Scottish accent! *melts* And Christopher Lee has a very silky voice, I must say. He played Death in the Soul Music cartoon and he was fucking good at it too.

*will admit that Dominic has a sexy voice. But that is all* >__> You aren't going to suck me down into Elijah/Dom are you? Are you? Bad real people slash! Badbadbad!

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