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Rape a hobbit...

Okay. Speech went fine. I made it through, albeit rather stiltedly. I think mine was actually the most persuasive speech in the class as I converted a ton of people. Go me. I got all emotional and sarcastic about too... like "Psssh! What does the government think they're doing?"

Did you know Isadora Duncan died when her scarf got caught in the wheel of car and snapped her neck?

Model U.N. people having a very tough time as two people backed out of their trip to Columbus... which begins today. Uh. Yeah. So they were begging me to go and I'm like "WHAT??? Nuh-uh, no way." It's far too short notice and I have a ton of art homework to finish/start. Plus I have no idea what Model U.N. does, even though I'm supposedly in it.

Plus, they didn't do Burundi... which they should have.

May go see a movie with Anya this weekend. Woo, woo.

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