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Mmm, weekend.

Going over to Jason's tonight to watch Goonies, apparently. Is it "Goonies" or "The Goonies"? Anyway, it has Sean Astin in it. Uh, yeah. But he (Jason, not Sean Astin) likes to just decide stuff and then assumes we'll come. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's just plain weird.

Bought gas. Bought Chinese food. Consumed Chinese food. The world is expensive.

Would anyone like to build an Elijah Wood fansite called "Rock Elijah"? I know it sounds... sort of silly. And dirty. Which is why it's the perfect name. And if you've heard "Elijah Rock"... well.

Dude, I think I'm going to listen to that right now.

Come on sister help me to pray
Tell me my Lord done pass this way.
Elijah rock, oh, Elijah rock Elijah.
Elijah rock, shout, shout.
Elijah rock, comin' up Lord.
Satan ain't nothin' but a snake in the grass.
He's a conjur.
He's a liar.
Hallelujah Lord.
Elijah rock, oh, Elijah rock Elijah.
Elijah rock, shout, shout.
Elijah rock, comin' up Lord.
If I could I surely would
Stand on the rock where Moses stood.
Rock Elijah.
Oh Elijah.
I'm comin' up lord.

Moses Hogan version, very basic lyrics.

So if anyone wants to partner up and do that, I'm all for it. At this very moment. >_> I dunno what we'd add to the already tremendous Elijah fanbase besides a really cool name, but...

Uh, anyway. Dude, so Jason was asking me if I had a boy/girlfriend.

Me: Aguh?

And then he said "Well, don't worry. I'll set you up. I think my cousin would date you... except that he has a girlfriend."

Um. Oh.

What Lord of the Rings Female are you?

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