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Oh, right...

And I almost forgot about last night. Except I didn't.

So I went to Jason's last night and couldn't find his house... so just drove around the general area for twenty minutes or something until he came out and stood in his lawn. *is very stupid* He told me he'd seen me go by like five times. And I actually brought drinks like I promised, whereas he didn't buy any food. >_< Bad Jason.

And eventually Jon and Abbie made it through the awful, awful snow that suddenly decided to fall from the sky and bury my car. They brought Candyman and The Goonies. So we watched them in that order, because Candyman is a horror movie (a bad one) and we thought we'd lighten the mood afterward with The Goonies. And Jason is such a dork about horror movies. During one suspenseful scene the phone rang and he jumped about a foot in the air. *snickers* He did that when we watched Sleepy Hollow too. Of course, I was also doing that because there were weird tapping noises coming from outside. But still.

And The Goonies is a very weird movie. It's just so... so random. But Sean Astin is sweet in it, so that's okay. Even if nobody cared that he was in it. >_> You guys suck.

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