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13 January 2003 @ 09:52 pm
Cookies? Is that what you crazy kids call them?  
Well... scans of art still in progress, anyway. Comments, suggestions, ideas are welcome. Very welcome.

These are both art bunnies that I mentioned earlier... *is actually following the bunnies, heaven help us!*

Lizzie Borden... took an axe and... uh, yeah! This will actually be a t-shirt design when I color it and add text. Would anyone be interested in buying it? It isn't quite the Hot Topic style I was going for, but I like it all the same. Still, I may redo it.

Oh so Emo... and I butchered Elijah, which is why I'm still working with this. There's still something odd about his face, and I think it's the nose/lip area. It looked better when I had that bit penciled in. But I also think he needs his eyes and hair colored in before he starts to look good. Was thinking about this as a t-shirt design too, as I really ought to start using that Cafepress.com store I have. But the drawing cuts off at the mid-thigh and looks weird. Maybe I could stick the text there.

New bunnies:

Leon Czolgosz in similar style to Lizzie- This one I'd definitely put on a t-shirt. And buy it. And wear it EVERY DAY! It could say... um... "I done my duty" or some other thing he said. Lala.

Squirrel with a gun or squirrel with a flute- I can't decide which would be funnier. Of course, if it was squirrel with a flute, it could say "Monster! Very small monster!" on the front and "Get the flute! It's where he gets his power!" on the back. Ooh, I like that. Would the Izzardphiles be into it?

LotR "War is Over"- I know I'm a bit late with the mushy Christmas stuff, but I've been listening to the John Lennon tune and it just seemed so appropriate. Whole cast? Slashy, no slashy? *thinks*

Mucho posties tonight.
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Current Music: Beatles - Run For Your Life
Meredithsillypants on January 14th, 2003 02:23 pm (UTC)
Ooo... very funkeh as usual -- I think you were right about the lip area, but there's something about your Elijahs that're very Elijah-y -- you get his look in well :)