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14 January 2003 @ 11:09 pm
Marge and Lisa...  
"What's that billowing down the stairs? It's [pot] smoke!"
"It smells like the art teacher's office."

Hahaha. Yes, it does... doesn't it? *teases Mrs. A* Hahaha. Grr.

I still have approximately half my art final to complete before second period tomorrow. Ungh. It looks pretty nice so far... but still. Ungh. Why do all our projects have to be large and complex? Seriously...

Dead rodent in scene shop apprehended. Nothing to see here, folks. Oh... and play is over an hour long. Um... bad? Yeeeeaaah. We have to cut stuff. She cut my bit about Ubu Roi. I was sad. It has the word 'shit' in it. Our only swear and I got to say it. But no more.

And Anya fell asleep while we were practicing. And we now have a choir exam again! No! We neeeeeeed practice!

Why are the deathfic bunnies nipping at my ankles? Could it be because of this?

Spam, spam, spam. Smooth lines are a nice change though.
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Current Music: (hed) p.e. - Swan Dive
Jakezeblith on January 15th, 2003 06:38 am (UTC)
I didn't see that drawing when I looked at this post last night, hehee, ^^;;;; I like it, XD