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Winamp oddities... songs and skins respectively

This is really pretty boring...

The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse (Utena)- Laguna
Homework ga Owaranai (Yu Yu Hakusho)- /Still/ Laguna... (it's a really ugly skin too...but it's my only Laguna...)
Just Communication (Gundam Wing)- Heero... (This thing is *good*)
Hohoemi No Bakudan (Yu Yu Hakusho)- Gendo Ikari (Whoa...now we're waaaaay in seperate ends of the galaxy.)
Rhythm Emotion (Gundam Wing)- Nanaka (Mahou Tuskai Tai)... I can almost see where it's coming from...
Truth (Utena)- Squall/ Seifer... another ugly one >.<
Dance Wheel Revolution (Utena)- Squall and Seifer still! Does FF8 have something in common with Utena that I don't know about?
Tank! (Cowboy Beebop)- Black and white Squall...mmmmkay...
When Where Who Which (Utena)-Tuxedo Kamen, manga style (sigh...dreamy...)
Ai wa Ryuusei (Gundam Wing... Trowa's)- Black Lady... whoa... O.O
Take Off to the Sky (Gundam Wing... Heero's)- Ayanami Rei in red... hmmm...it fits so wonderfully oddly...
Ore Dake no Kotoba de (ditto above)- Laguna! Sheesh... go away! -_-
Tatoe Kimi ga Hohoendemo (ditto the ditto)- Love and Peace Vash
Make My Way (Gundam Wing... Trowa's)- Manga Blck Lady... mmmkay again...
Clown (GW... Trowa's)- Mistress 9
Boss of Me (They Might Be Giants)- Misato (and Pen-pen) Another one that works in such a strange way...
Outer Senshi Transformation (Sailor Moon)- Happy Vash... talk about inappropriate...
Doctor Worm (They Might Be Giants... My SONG!!!)- Bright red Rei again... darn >.< Not really her song, aye?
Bent (Matchbox 20)- Misato and Pen-pen again. Yeah...they are a little bent...
Push (Matchbox 20)- Squall in black and white... ah, now we're getting somewhere.
Death (Discworld)- Trigger-happy Vash
The Luggage (Discworld)- Manga Mamo-chan. Winamp, you are aware that you have about 30 skins to choose from and not just the ones you keep picking over and over...
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Discworld)- Scary Black Lady...no, we are not aware (changes it to Millions Knives).
Baby Got Back (Aka the 'Big Butts' song... Sir Mixalot)- Smug Vash... I dunno why, but it fits way too well... ^^;
Baby Got Jack (Aka the 'Small Butts' song... Weird Al)- A very serious looking Squall. *giggles madly*
Duvet (Serial Experiments Lain)- Happy Vash...whoa...
Total Slaughter (Trigun)- Manga Black Lady! Ahhh! >.<
I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)- Nanaka... good choice, actually...
Losing My Religion (REM)- Knives... *shakes head* Just won't do... *changes it to Wolfwood* There we go... ^^
Save Tonight (Eagle-Eye Cherry)- It's Hotaru... *fiddles* And now it's Kaji because I think he fits better...
...Baby One More Time (Britney Spears, the Devil's Apprentice)- Utena and Anthy! They've been coerced to the Dark Side! >.< No! No! Say it ain't so!
Like a Prayer (Madonna)- Trigger-happy Vash again *changes it to a different Wolfwood* ^___^
She Bangs (Ricky Martin)- Sigh... 60 Billion $$ Man again *silently changes it to another different Wolfwood*
Smooth (Santana, featuring Rob Thomas)- Oooo! Angsty Vash... ^^
Pop (*N SYNC)- Orange Heero
Hash Pipe (Weezer)- Sailor Uranus... another mmmkay...
Meet Virginia (Train)- Laguna... again... he sure does get around.
Follow Me (Uncle Kracker)- Wolfwood... Oh, so *now* we decide to use him, aye?
Good Riddance/Time of Your Life (Green Day)- Vash against the bullet-riddled wall. Ah...there we go Winamp *pats*
Basket Case (Green Day)- Smarmy Vash... going into Vash overload...
Minority (Green Day)- Black and white Squall... dunno how he'd feel about it, though... *Changes it to Kaworu to be safe*
Flavor of the Weak (American Hi-Fi)- Was manga Mamoru... changed it to a very red Squall and Griever.
Song for the Dumped (Ben Folds Five)- Gendo ...whoa... O.o;; I honestly don't think any of my music is appropriate for him.
Back in my Life (Alice Deejay)- Anthy and Utena... acceptable ^^
Here's to the Night (EVE 6)- Trigger-happy Vash again... changed him to a very brown image of Squall...
I Kissed a Girl (Jill Sobule)- Squall and Griever again... what the-? Squall? You kissed a girl?! O.o I don't believe it...
Maybe I Am a Lion (FF8)- Wolfwood... *sighs and changes it to 'scar-faced Squall'*
The Extreme (FF8)- Sailor Uranus
I Feel Loved (Depeche Mode)- Kaworu...hmmm...interesting...

Ahh...what a great way to spend approximately 3 hours... I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, eh? ^_~

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