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Okay... so cool...

So, like... I usually listen to the radio in the car only. My station is 88.9 FM, the Alter-nation. I never change it, because I'm a big dork.

But... it's a commercial-free station (yay!) and they only occasionally say who does what song. Because they just run from one song to the next all happy and joyous-like. But it's infuriating, because sometimes I like a song so much that I want it. But I don't know the name. Right. Right?

Now they have this new thing on their website that lists what song is playing, what songs have been played, and which songs are coming up. Eee! It's so fun!

Oh yeah. And Harry Potter number 5 is coming out sometime in June...

About fucking time.

Oh and... exams went fine. 100% in Public Speaking (how...? O.o), A in art (uh... meh. I still have to work on it), and an A+ in Latin. *preens* It took me awhile to get my stride in Latin, but soon I was just like "blah, blah, Remus, Romulus, blah, blah" and I only made mistakes on two sentences. I put a reflexive pronoun in the wrong place and misidentified a sentence as not having any imbedded thingies. *groans* Very minor mistakes though.

Am still pissed off at my art exam though. There are a bunch of little things wrong with it and they all BUG me!

Maybe I'll go watch Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie be cute and goofy while I work on it some more.

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