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Everclear on the radio! Eee!

... why isn't it "Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom"? >___< It's "Out of My Depth". Great song, but I want to hear the new one, dammit!

Ooooh... 'm gonna shoot Dominic. >_< "The final movie is going to break people's hearts. All the Fellowship are crushed, chewed up and ultimately spat out the other side. They're scarred forever by their journey." This actually made me want to cry. Garrr.

Oh, but this is good... 'One of the most amusing moments was during the press conference in the morning when this particular Australian media "supa sta" was dominating the conversation and asking inane questions. This little bleached blonde thing asked the actors if they had read the book. Hello...

Elijah Wood asked her if she had read the book and her response was "Erm, no, it had too many big words in it." Like a fox, Elijah retorted with: "Perhaps you should go and buy a dictionary and thesaurus and try again."'

Mmm. Very good boy. I wish I had more time to knock out a serious chunk of the trilogy. Maybe after the one-acts, I'll see if I can work lights for the spring play and just chill and read and draw up in the booth. Or something. I don't really need to act anymore, even though I'm almost positive Mrs. C. would give me a role.

In fact, I wish I had the time and energy to read many, many books that are sitting up in my room. Read and reread, actually. I haven't done a marathon Stephen King reading for years.

By the way, can anyone think of a movie that features elegant but animated [EDIT, YOU SMART ASSES: animated as in 'lively' not 'Disney'] older women? And when I say 'older', I mean 60 to 80 years old. I'm doing 'research' for my role because I don't think it's going as well as I'd like it to. Anya suggested renting Great Expectations... do any others come to mind? I was also thinking Dame Maggie Smith in Gosford Park or even in Harry Potter.

*pouts* She doesn't like the cane. We shall see.

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