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Cool words and phrases...

sui generis- of its, his, her, their own kind; unique.
tarantism- a mania characterized by an irresistable urge to dance.
spoonerism- the interchange of the initial letters of two words.
harridan- a bad-tempered old woman; a shrew.
haruspex- in Ancient Rome, a priest who practiced divination.
heteroclite- abnormal or irregular; a person or thing that deviayes from what is considered normal.
inamorata- a lover.
internecine- mutually destructive.
lacuna- a gap; something missing.
cosset- treat as a pet; coddle; pamper.
catamite- a boy or youth kept by a man for homosexual purposes.

And these are just the ones that spawned plot bunny vignettes. Baaaaaaad nifty words.

Heeeeey... more Everclear on the radio? "Father of Mine" this time

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