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*squeals like the fangirl she is*

Squee! Squee!

I got a reply from Pterry on the message board! I know, maybe it isn't a big deal anymore... but I'm still going to squee about it anyway!


Feet of Clay happens to be my favorite novel of yours, mostly because it all fits together so incredibly well. Was it particularly difficult to connect all the aspects of that book into one large package? In other words, did you spend much time trying to fit all the clever puzzle pieces together, or was it more of a "moment of divine inspiration, must get to writing utensils quickly" sort of thing? Or maybe somewhere in between?
Anyway, however it came about, the logic involved makes me so happy. And I've given the book to mystery enthusiasts, who have enjoyed it very much.
Also... do you study Latin? Or did you? Or are you maybe just a casual Latin enthusiast? I'm currently in my fourth year of Latin and love coming across a phrase in one of your books and trying to translate it before the characters do.

Feet of Clay was a marvellous example of what scientists call emergence. I played around with a handful of ideas and suddenly they all interlocked and produced fresh ideas. I suspect that in these cases I have some subconscious idea of what's I intend, but it was fun to watch it it develop.

I don't study Latin, but I like it. Fortunately I didn't do it at school, which would have put it me tight off it!

I must commend him on his efforts to accommodate us. I wonder how tiresome it gets answering all these questions...

Now, as long as he never finds my one and only V/V slash story, we'll be set. *people stare* What? It's not that I'm ashamed of it... exactly...

On the other hand, I hope JKR finds my Remus/Harry stories, reads them, and becomes violently ill. That's spite for you.

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