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I just saw Chicago! *bounces* Phwee! And squee! And that was seriously the best musical on the big screen I have ever seen. Ever. *sighs* Oh man. I totally want to do either "When You're Good to Mama" (Queen Latifah! *dies* Gorgeous!) or "All That Jazz" (Catherine Zeta-Jones! *dies again*) for Pops. Like... buy a pinstriped three piece suit and...

Oh come on. You know it'd be cool.

And "Cell Block Tango"! Ahhhhh! *diesdiesdiesisdead* That is one of my favorite songs and they made it into one of the fucking sexiest things ever. I mean... guh? So gorgeous.

And Richard Gere made an awesome Billy Flynn, I thought. Seriously. His tapdancing was damn sexy. For some silly reason. Though I still contend that Pietro is Billy Flynn in disguise (work with me, huh? I still have an Evo bunny lying around for an Evo/Chicago fic. For many good reasons).

And I have Roxie Hart hair! :D Not sweet-innocent-Roxie, but sultry-Roxie. With the bouncy curls thing. Really. Except mine is red. And Roxie's hair should be red, dammit.

"Are you sorry?"
"Are you kiddin'?"

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