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I'm just pissed...

Because the mail's not back up to speed yet. Especially international mail >.< *waits* I should have that Laguna and Squall doujinshi /right now/. And I don't.

Grrrrr! *mumbles* Stupid fucking international terrorists fucking up the mail... fucking...fucking...grrrr...

Squall: Sometimes you are a very shallow person.

Me: Damn stright!

Laguna: I heard something about them confiscating any mail containing items that are a threat to national security... something about pornography...

Me: O.O Nuh-uh! That's not true!

Laguna: *shrugs* Maybe it's not. But wouldn't it be funny if they thought Squall and me having sex was a threat to national security?

Squall: Oooh...we'd have to get seperate bedrooms.

Laguna: Don't worry. *snuggles Squall* I'll sneak over to your room Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Me: -_-;; What do I need a doujinshi for when I have them right here?

Squall and Laguna: *kissykissy*

Me: Thanks for reminding me that I don't have a boy/girl friend!

Squall and Laguna: *oblivious*


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