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Quoting Elijah

Because it pleases me...

"Well, there's quite a lot of fan fiction out there. I only know a very small degree of what all goes on. On the Internet, people will create these fantasy stories with these characters. Some of them have a really odd sexual nature, some of them carry on the legacy of the story, and then there are the fans of the writers of fan fiction and it gets bizarre. There are some odd practices with fanatical people."

Yup. We're weird, some moreso than others. But most of us lead very mediocre lives and are doubley cursed with overactive imaginations. Thus...

"He (Gollum) was your favorite in the book.

Yes, absolutely.


When I first read about Gollum, it was in The Hobbit, in the famous "Riddles in the Dark" chapter. It's still one of my favorite chapters in literature. Because of how mysterious the character was. And because of the way that he speaks, this odd schizophrenic, multiple-personality disorder that he has. This "us" and "we". And he speaks in riddles in that part of that book. So I was amazed and intrigued by the mystery of this character. The more you learn about Gollum, the more sympathetic he becomes."

When I was eight, this was my general opinion as well... not quite so sophisticated, but with the same principles. I loved Gollum. *thoroughly amused* I still do, I suppose.

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