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You all must bow down to the chainsaw! Bowwwww... >__>

Which type of cutter are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, shut up. I don't think it's all that accurate. I don't kill people and dump their bodies into vats of acid like some people, so all you worrywarts can go to HELL. Yes. Fantastico.

If you buy me this, I'll love you forever. *hopes for that and for softcore lesbian porn from Anya* She owes me a collage.

So... I made icons today and tried very hard to keep from hacking up a lung and possibly vomiting while coughing. Oh, the paiiiiin.

Roll your mouse over the image to read my comments, because I've decided I really like the 'alt' tag.

I suspect most everyone will hate this and thus it shall not be long for this world. Blame John Bergstrom though, not me. Mmm. Dog-Botherer. My obsession with barcodes continues! I like this icon. Like it a lot. And this one'll probably only last until God-fics are completely written and done for. Pretty singing dork Elijah, though.

My consolation... This is almost too cute. And too true. So, despite the Colorfinger lyrics, I couldn't bring myself to actually use it. Mad props to anyone who wants it. And we have reached our pretentiousness quota for the day. Just fucking with Photoshop filters Ditto. I suspect this means something...

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