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Well, anyway...

I am...

I'm Viggo Mortensen!

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?

That's nice. It was between Elijah and Viggo and... I decided I wanted to be Viggo. Whatever.

Speaking of Viggo, I rented The Prophecy. *twitters like a little girl* Will watch it now as there is NO SCHOOL TODAY HAHAHA! Or if there is, no one can call me to tell me because...

We have no phone. No phone line, really. Or... something. We have the line but it isn't hooked up? It's partly my fault but I don't mind because now I don't have to do anything. Hee.

We moved on Saturday. Mostly moved. There's still stuff (too much stuff, frankly) back at the old house. But I'm sleeping in the new house. With the ugly carpet. There are nine boxes in my room, along with several bags of clothes. Okay? That's most of my stuff, with some assorted things downstairs in storage or back at the other house waiting to be thrown out or something.

And yet there's no fucking room in the living room. At all. Total repeat of when we first moved to Kent.

This is not my fault. As I have obviously pruned the amount of stuff that I, personally, own. This is my father's collection of books. And... just random stuff. Ahhh! He brought in these plastic containers that I swear have never been opened for as long as I can remember. I ask what's in there. He says "Old computer information."

It's old. It's outdated. Get rid of it, you bastard, arrrrrrgh.

Ah. Also began "Genesis 1" fic, which seems to be working out well. However, left Bible at old house. Grr. Along with highlighter. Double grr. So I read the first section of The Things They Carried for English and marked it with a yellow Crayola marker. Haha.

There is a cat on my legs.

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