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27 January 2003 @ 10:51 pm
To my mother:  

I seem to be a menace to a lot of people's sanitys. Sanities? Anyway, you are not alone. And, um... sorry the phone wasn't working. I thought it was.

It wasn't.

Still isn't. It's my fault, technically.

And I blame it on public television. For encouraging me to use my imagination. And thus encouraging me to ignore the real world. Which I do!

This is my excuse for RPS too.

Public television.

Parents: make your kids watch the debates on CNN. Teach them to be bored. THEY'LL THANK YOU FOR IT LATER! God knows the last thing you want on your hands is a child who blames you for sculpting them into a gifted, but alienated and emotionally stunted member of society.
Current Mood: sarcastic and guilty