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Mmm, mmm, mmm. More "Into the Woods".

"You're so nice. You're not good, you're not bad, you're just nice. I'm not nice. I'm the witch. You're the world."

God. I love those lines. They mean more to me now, certainly, then they did when I was... you know... seven or something. When I thought they were cool and clever. And now I identify with them so much. The Witch is one of the all-time greatest characters.

So. I need a summer job, yes? We can all agree on this. And Jon's trying to get me to work at Six Flags, because if I do he gets a $100 commission. He mentioned I could draw caricatures or portraits or fake tattoos or... something artistic.

The more I think about it, the more this seems like a good idea... despite the commute. I want to get paid for doing something I enjoy, right? And I like drawing caricatures. I like that sort of stuff. And it beats working at McDonald's.

Will ask for more info (i.e. wages and hours) tomorrow.

Anybody else have thoughts on this? On anything? Do people even think anymore?

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