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Uhhh... so. Yeah.

Yeah. I'm feeling very much like "Uh... what? Well? What now?"

But then it's just been one of those days.

Play practice went fine, despite the fact that Mrs. Cowan is just ODD as fuck sometimes. And sometimes out of her mind. Covering up Keely's breasts? What? They're so totally covered! And stop talking about your husband! Because that's... that's... icky. I don't even want to think about you having sex. You... icky. Grr.

Had the traditional Meng Cheng's lunch. Sat with Anya, Keely, and Conor. Which was surprisingly fun. Sometimes it isn't fun to sit with couples because they get all couple-y, but these two were good. It was fun.

And Brandy lit the cigarette onstage! And Conor's cell phone started ringing! On stage! Heh. And the 'soughing'. *snorts* That play... um... yeah. You guys. *shakes head laughing* All the terribly amusing things happened to you guys.

House is being cleaned. Almost done. Almost done. I'm gonna make it. Maybe. *dies* So tired... still have art homework to do. But... sleeeeeeeeep. Oh. Conflicted.

And why is it that everytime I'm in the car daydreaming about RPS and Elijah/Viggo or Dom/Elijah "No One Knows" by Queens of the Stone Age comes on the radio? It's a SIGN, I tell you. A SIGN! Mraw!

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