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*buries head in hands*

no i have to do sam
Do I even need to say Pervy Hobbit Fancier? XD

What Lord of the Rings engrish subtitle are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*snerk* Yes, well. Duh. We all saw that coming, right? Besides, Pervy Hobbits are the best Hobbits!

Anyway. I didn't expect so many people to comment on my last post. *eyes go buggy* Um. I'll respond. Soon. Gimme time! Gimme time! More time! And caffeine. Always more caffeine.

The house est finito! Done! Clean! Sort of. Clean enough. I swear to god I was vaccuuming for a half-hour or more. So much dust and cobwebs and dead ladybugs. Ergh. But I have surrendered my key. My reign of terror on Morris Rd. has ended.

Have to finish The Things They Carried and at least start my art self-portrait tonight. *whimpers* When all I want to do is write happy slashiness. Whine.

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