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*happy sighs*

I smell smokey. It's comforting. As anytime I come home smokey, you can be sure I had a good time. *buries face in arm* Ahhhh...

Slightly drunk on having fun and conversation and Country Kitchen culture. I like it. I really do. I like being able to go out and sit with a cigarette in one hand, jabbering away about nothing. How... poetic.

Went out with Anya. Saw Helena and her boyfriend and Cynammon and Crystal and Lauren, who was working. Helena has a mobile now, so I gave her my number and she plugged it in. So maybe we'll finally be able to work out a thrifting day. Then they played the claw machine and Helena won, like, four things. She let me have this pink Harlequin doll, which pleases me so much. And... I dunno. She's going into nursing, apparently. Midwifery. Well. I hope it lasts.

And I ran into another snow bank. I've decided it has everything to do with Anya being in my car. She says she's so hot, she makes the ice on the road melt. She's so hot... she makes the road wet!


Have also determined that E/V (Elijah/Viggo) is a Pokemon. Um. Damn. Because I'm not a dork or anything.

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