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28 September 2001 @ 10:34 pm
Little orange kitty named 'Sparkles'  
We came home from going out to get ice cream...

Vash: Ice cream! *snatches my cone*

And a little orange kitten came running up to me. I picked it up and immediately it began doing a Greebo- purring and pushing its face (and cold, wet nose) into mine. It had a collar on, so we assumed it belonged to somebody and wasn't lost. Kittens that friendly don't get lost. Must have been out for an evening constitutional (hey.. is that how you'd spell it? Like it's your 'constitutional right' to take a walk?).

The name on the collar was 'Sparkles'. I said it was a dumb name. My dad? "This coming from a girl who named her cats Izit, Sputnik, and Greebo!"

Me: But at least those are creative names!

Dad: True, true...
Current Mood: bouncy
Current Music: 'Sparkle'- Everclear (Knives skin)