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07 February 2003 @ 06:48 am
When I really need a snow day, it doesn't come...  
I really need to sleep.

But everyone must make sweet, sweet love to the One-Acts. Because... just fuck, man. Fuck. So motherfucking amazing.

We did good.

Mrs. D. (whose compliments are not given out indiscriminately) said we were right up there with The Hours. *stops squeeing over Nicole Kidman for a moment to realize what this means*

I mean... just... fuck. But it's so tiring. And I had to wash my hair twice yesterday, once before the play and once after to get the grey out. And... getting there was so stressful because of snow and traffic and money that I didn't have and had to go back for eeeeeee! But yeah. Made it.

What's so weird is that people are really hesitant to come up to you afterwards unless they know you well. Like they expect you to still be in character when you're in costume. What? No! Come up and talk to me, dammit!
Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Current Music: "One thousand paces lead to the game..."