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Muh. Sigh.

Probably got a II on solo... don't know for sure, but am betting on it. Because I actually managed to start off on the wrong note. Not entirely my fault... the room had a keyboard instead of an actual piano and its sustain pedal was broken. So when she played my first chord, I couldn't hear my note. So I just guessed. And guessed wrong. I got right back on track, but that first note, I'm sure, earned me a two. At best. Le sigh.

Play is over. Okay. Didn't go to cast party because... I was just sick of certain people and the last party I went to was so lame. And I got in trouble as soon as I got home, so I decided I just didn't want that aggravation again. I went home instead, washed my hair, and tooled around on my website for a few hours.

Oh, sigh. Just sigh, sigh, sigh. I still have to write my English paper.

Why do I not fit in with other people? I'm always on a fringe. Why is that? It bothers me. Not that I really want to be social. I guess it just bothers me that I've never had the experience of being in an "inner circle" of friends. And no matter how much I do with other people, how many steps I think I take to overcoming my fear and distrust of other people, I never reach a place where I'm comfortable.

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